Keep track of your ROI with our Conversion Tracking Technology

Under one dashboard, keep track of your chat, online form inquiries, text messaging and even phone call leads!

Results, in Real-Time

Make informed choices for your organisation

No more guess work around your marketing/advertising campaigns. In the provided dashboard, you have access to variety of reports to help you better understand your leads.  Reports can be filtered, exported and even scheduled for you to have access to the data of your choice without any hassle.

Comprehend Your Clients

It’s invaluable to understand what your customers are looking for, and the problems they experience. And so we built a platform just for this purpose alone. 

With every customer interaction, you can:

  • Track which marketing campaign led to the call
  • Surface valuable session data including searched keywords, previous calls, and past website visits
  • Isolate words of intent or specific keywords spoken on the call, then automate actions based on this behavior
  • Utilize call recordings and transcriptions to reference past conversations and coach new team members on how to best handle questions or challenges that arise
  • Leverage caller demographics to understand your audience and tailor your marketing efforts

Cloud Based Communication Tools

Manage calls, text messages, website chat and form submissions in one place and leverage our tools to engage leads quickly.

We have at your disposition, our softphone that you can route inbound and outbound calls to your staff no matter where they are and eliminate the need for complicated handheld phone systems. Our system will make you never missing a call, but instead, have it forwarded to the best hands quickly. Unified reporting allows you to see all your communications in one place.

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