Promoteย more than just a few links! (BETA)

What you've been doing

Linktree, smarturl, distrokid & all of these linking methods only to promote few links

Did you know that you’re driving all this traffic to promote & advertise the linking companies? The first click traffic does not benefit you in any way.

What we've been doing

An entire custom website created for artists to promote music, ideas, merch & more!

All of your effort is going towards your own name. Your property. Your career. Your name gains value every single time it receives a click!


First click traffic goes towards your random link


First click traffic goes towardsย your own name

Why is the first click so important?

First click = traffic towards your link. Driving traffic towards your own name and website, is going to affect your business directly. The more traffic that goes to your name, the more credibility you build up with search engine and algorithm robots. Even getting verified on Instagram would become easier.

Why choose us?

Why choose us Instead of Lintkree, Fanlink, Smarturl, Distrokid, and etc? Amazing question.

We’re not a link providing company. We’re a full-fledged digital agency. The sites we build for artists are following the best marketing strategies. We have standards to respects, guidelines to follow.

The websites we create are an extension of our work and we deliver nothing but quality. Our name is on the line, we deal with big commercial businesses and we implement our good strategies for the artist sites that we create.

We create your custom artist website within 72 hours after your enrollement.

Let's compare both methods

Old Method

Our Method

Who can benefit from this?

Rappers, singers or music artists in general.
If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the rest, this is for you. If you’re looking to get verified on Instagram, if you want to be found on Google and other search engines, if you want Google to recognize you as an artist (knowledge panel),ย if want to add value to your name, if you want more bookings, more opportunities, more streams, more merch sales: THIS METHOD IS FOR YOU.

With the industry exploding with new artists every day, this is the perfect time to switch it up a little. BE AHEAD OF THE TRENDS, STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME.

Don’t be another artist with another random link in your bio.ย 


Custom URL

We build you a site under your own name. Example:


Website Analytics

Have access to the backend of your site with all of the available analytic tools and reports!


Click Tracking

Track how many clicks you're getting towards your streaming platforms.


Mailing List

Build a fan base by having super fans subscribe to your mailing list. Promote your music by emailing all of your fans!


Instagram Feed

Have your entire Instagram feed synced automatically to your website!


+A Performance

We measure the performance of our website with GTMetrix and we guarantee your site to have the best online score possible (good for marketing!)


Search Engine Optimized

We make it easy for online robots to analyze your website. Meaning that we Make it easier for people to find you.


User Friendly

Easy for consumers to navigate through your site. We also make the entire process super simple for our clients.


Be found everywhere

Social media is one thing, but having your site available on all search engines is another effective way to have your name out there.


Responsive to all sizes

Our sites are going to be responsive to all sizes of screens. From biggest to smallest, people will have a seamless experience.


Press Kit

Your website will serve you as your press kit. Present yourself professionally on your site to attract media, professionals & deals.


Dedicated Account Manager

We will take care of the entire thing for you. Either call us, email us, or DM @babak.bavardi on Instagram and we're at your service.

Take Action.

Wana know who we are before taking action?

We’re a family owned digital agency in Montreal Canada.

Unlike all of these other companies like WIX, Squarespace, Linktree or these other websites, we’re not a huge corporation. This company is ran by @babak.bavardi (IG), a 25 year old entrepreneur that you can message right now and have a chat with.

We put the artists at the center of our attention for this project. We want to make sure we keep our customer service as excellent as possible while maintaining quality & flexibility.

We bring our experience of dealing with commercial companies on the table & implement it on the websites that we create for artists. We hope to explain ourselves as best as possible because we cannot put enough emphasis on how MUCH you need to implement this method.

We have supported many artists with this method, and we tend to support artists beyond just a website creation. We’ll buy your merch, we’ll support your voice.

We hope you support us back! Please click on the button below and have your information filled. We will contact you ASAP.